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Discover Sabboura, the digital education platform designed to empower tutors, streamline processes, and enhance the learning experience of students.

Elevate Your Teaching

Content Library

Access a wealth of curriculum-aligned content to easily create and assign homework, share resources, and track student progress.

Integrated Chat

Communicate effortlessly with students through our built-in messaging platform, available through web and mobile apps.


Stream live teaching sessions with our low-bandwidth video tools, perfect for creating engaging digital classrooms, no matter your location.

Content Authoring

Create custom questions, assignments, and whiteboard-style videos with our intuitive HTML editor and video creation app.

Why Choose Sabboura?

Trusted by over 408 active tutor portals

Packed with powerful tools for content creation, communication, and assessments

Designed for seamless use on browsers, iOS, and Android devices


Mr. Mohamed Tarek

Math Team

Sabboura makes learning more exciting, and it improves students’ understanding of questions by using different forms of solutions. It helps them enjoy their lessons and encourages them to practice more.

Mai Mamdouh

Math Teacher

I have to make quizzes on a weekly basis for my students but that consumes a lot of time. Now, I can focus all of my attention on my students. Sabboura helps save time by having these quizzes online where my students can solve later in their homes. Also, the questions bank is very convenient because I can choose questions to create assignments and quizzes. Thank you Sabboura.

Haneen Abo El Futouh


Sabboura provides questions and exercises for the lessons which help students learn and understand the problems quicker. It’s also very organized.